Early Years' Education Entitlement - key points for parents new to funding

When can we access it for our child?

The term after your child turns three (Terms start in Jan, April & Sept)

When is it available?

For 38 weeks of every academic year - beginning every September

Why only 38 weeks?

The local authority is only providing funding for the traditional term times

How many hours can we receive for those 38 weeks?

Up to 15 hours for each of the 38 weeks - this is a maximum of three 5 hour sessions over three days OR two consecutive sessions in one day (10 hours) plus one 5 hour session

Can we take more than the three funded sessions in a week?

We take children up to full-time (10 sessions per week), so yes you can. Any additional sessions are charged at our standard rates (see prospectus).

If we only do three sessions per week why are we charged?

As the three sessions are only funded for 38 weeks and the remaining 14 weeks of the calendar year are paid at our usual rate. There is also a modest charge for food for funded sessions. The total fees of the 38 funded weeks and the 14 non-funded weeks are added together and then divided by 12 to make the same charge for each month (this is a blended rate).

Why do you charge for food during funded sessions?

The amount the nursery receives from the local authority, per funded session, is for education and not food. The money we receive is also well below our 'cost price' and has not increased in five years. We are a fee-based provider of high quality day care (Montessori, Forest School etc is more expensive to provide). Cost of all food is included in our normal fees.

Why do we need to fill in a EYE contract?

As the local authority needs to ensure that parents are not claiming for the same child in multiple settings and so there is a paper trail to support the local government funding

Why do we need to give an expected leaving date?

So the local authority can tell when the funding should cease. It also allows the nursery to work out the fees for the year so that you pay the same every month throughout the year - for simplicity for both parents and nursery.

What if we need to change the leaving date nearer the time?

The same principle of giving ONE TERM’s notice for any changes to funded sessions applies to the leaving date. This is because of the headcount dates (see below) which we provide to Lincs CC as well as so we can work out your bills for the whole year.

However, you may provide us with a more detailed leaving date nearer the time eg (you put August in your EYEE Contract and you then tell us it is August 8th). This allows us charge you the correct amount for your final month which is worked out pro-rata. So you are only charged up to the leaving date.

Please note that these late changes CANNOT change the blend of funded & non-funded weeks which are worked out at the start of the funding year.

Can we change our permanent sessions from what we put in the EYE contract?

Yes you can, but these changes need to be made at certain times as we take a 'census' of the number of funded children which we give to Lincs CC.

There are two head counts every term.