Parent Reps

We endeavour to continually improve the experience for both children and parents at our nursery. Having an open channel of communication with parents is vital for this.

We have an enthusiastic and committed group of parents, across all of our age groups, who are there to provide the TCG Leadership Team with open and honest feedback and to act as a sounding board and facilitator for new ideas.

They are also a friendly face and a listening ear for any parents who would like to discuss any issue.

Our current Parent Reps are:

Baby Room:

James Parker - daddy to Erin

James can be contacted on

The Explorers:

Amy Roberts - mummy to Thomas

Amy can be contacted on

The Adventurers:

Colette Williams-Moore - mummy to Mia

James Parker - daddy to Owen

James can be contacted on

Nimon Davey - daddy to Romeo

Nimon can be contacted on

Rachel Burt - mummy to Martha

Rachel can be contacted on

Montessori Room:

Alison Falconer - mummy to Moss

Alison can be contacted on

Amy Roberts - mummy to Harriet

Amy can be contacted on

Amy Edwards - mummy to Benjamin

Amy can be contacted on

Mark Erven - daddy to Cecil

Mark can be contacted on