Discoverers - Babies

Our baby room (or Discoverers as that is what our youngest children are doing every day!) is a lovely light and gentle space for our tiniest ones. We pay thoughtful attention to creating an environment that enables children to develop relationships with the world around them, themselves and each other. It is a space which is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing.

Our staff respect and trust in the baby to be an initiator and explorer, and the children are given time for uninterrupted play and the freedom to explore and interact with other babies. Children are involved with all care activities enabling them to become an active participant rather than a passive recipient. Sensitive observation of the children takes place in order to understand his or her needs at any given time, and staff discuss these observations in order to plan effective, provoking experiences. For babies and young children it is important that these are highly tactile and varied so that they can investigate them using their primary way of interacting with the world; the senses.

Babies recognise the human face as being extremely important, even from birth, and it is the first thing they are able to focus on. Staff are trained to recognise the importance of this, and spend as much time as possible communicating, talking and singing with the children. We have a specially designed mirror for babies to pull themselves up and babble to their reflections, engaging in infant conversation and learning social skills as they play.

Our hand-made, specially designed beds enable tired children to climb on themselves for a snooze, or staff can encourage them to sleep when they recognise tired-signs, although there is a separate sleep room if parents and babies would prefer.

We have a special garden for the babies which goes straight from the baby room onto a soft area for crawling which is used throughout the day, and a lovely lawn to roll around on.

The ratio is 1:3 maximum, allowing plenty of time for cuddles and individual attention. Each day starts with the option of breakfast and lunch is served daily at 11.30 am, or alternatively we can follow your child’s routine if it is different to this, thereby ensuring that your child feels settled and secure while in our care.

After lunch babies participate in different activities and outdoor play. Many babies have a rest after lunch as part of their regular routine. Tea is served at 4.00 pm. All food is adapted to be suitable for young babies - we will offer fresh pureed vegetables or fruit prepared in our kitchen, or if you prefer baby-led weaning then we are happy to discuss with this you. Older babies food is prepared so that it is appropriate for them to manage well, while encouraging them to chew and become independent.

We are always interested and happy to discuss any particular routines and methods that you feel are important to your child. We strongly advocate a collaborative approach between parents and teachers! Three of our staff are mums themselves!