Delicious Healthy Food

Mealtimes are a special occasion at TCG. Children help to lay the table with napkins and tablecloths, and older children help to serve themselves. Adults eat with the children and it’s a social time with lots of chatting about the day. We take it slowly, and when we’ve finished our older children stack their dishwashers and help clear away.

Claire has a passion for providing nourishing food and studied Naturopathy and Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London from 2012 - 2014.

Our food is all prepared entirely from scratch - no processed foods for us! As many of the ingredients as possible are organic (all of our flour and milk is organic, and we make our own bread daily for the children). Some of the veggies come from our own garden, and all the rest come from the local market three times a week. Our meat is sourced from local butcher, Nelsons.

Breakfasts are fantastic and varied - home-made cereals, smoothies, muffins or yoghurt, eggs and porridge with our homemade bread either toasted or freshly sliced - delicious!

At lunch time the children still enjoy nursery favourites such as lovely comforting home-made shepherd’s pie, and Apple Crumble, (served with cream rather than sugary custard - obviously those dairy free children are offered an alternative). We also encourage the children to try new tastes, such as butternut squash and coconut curry - a firm favourite!

Children enjoy an appetising high tea in the afternoon. The children often help to make their own sandwiches or pizza and even the hummus! Usually our lovely cooks will have baked us an organic cake or muffins too.

Download our latest seasonal menu on this page.

Here’s what OFSTED said about our food:

“Children enjoy a superlative dietary experience at the nursery where the two cooks prepare locally produced, organic foods, which are freshly cooked each day”

“Meals and snacks provided are nutritious, delicious and meet children’s individual dietary needs”