Atelierista's Art Therapy

Posted 25/11/2021 10:11 : By: EdKenyon

Our talented and amazing Atelierista, Becky G, is undertaking a course in Art Therapy for children and adults.

The course will allow her to gain the insight and knowledge to help validate and name emotions which we can all experience, especially post-lockdown and with the continuing pandemic.
It will also arm her with skills to explore and express these emotions safely with children by using art as a therapeutic vehicle which, in turn, will help promote positive wellbeing and build confidence in our children, parents and staff.

By validating, naming and expressing our emotions it can help us to heal. It is a therapeutic process where a person's chosen form of art is used to communicate difficult feelings which can effect our wellbeing and development.

She will be sharing with you her journey on the course, including how she has been exploring this with the children and staff.