Forest School experience

All of our recent Forest School activity is shared with parents via our Famly App and, where we ave the relevant permissions, with our Facebook community. These write-ups are from a few years ago, but will give you a flavour of how TCG approaches Forest School and how we encourage children to follow their own lines of enquiry in the natural world. These will also give you a snap-shot of what has caught the children's imagination during some of our previous Forest School sessions.

Forest School Nov 7th

Provocation. If you read the dictionary definition of this word it does not appear to be particularly positive.However, in progressive early years edu...

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Forest School Oct 10th

Play is such an integral piece of the learning jigsaw for children. It would seem to be at its most powerful when that 'play' is using nature as a can...

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Forest School Sept 26

Jumping, crawling, digging, climbing, collecting - just some of the main themes which the children immersed themselves in during their time in the woo...

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