TCG Inset Day

Posted 05/11/2021 12:11 : By: EdKenyon

At TCG we value greatly the professional development of our Educators as this, ultimately, benefits our children. This is why we set aside three days each year for the team to focus on specific aspects of their development. This month we spent time discussing and unpicking our ethos including the similarities between Maria Montessori and Loris Magaluzzi. We focused on schemas that we identify in our children and also how we can ensure that our curriculum is embedded within our practice.

A session was held during which myself and Annabelle discussed behaviour management and ensuring we are supporting secure attachments with our children and why secure attachments are so important. We also reflected on our practice and how we observe and teach our children, ensuring we differentiate any provocations.

We spent an hour of mindfulness under the guidance of Becky, TCG’s Atelierista, accessing a variety of art materials and debated how we put together thoughtful provocations whilst provoking all the senses. It was a valuable day and we can't wait to implement what we discussed and explored.